Xebex Rower 2.0


– 42kg Heavy duty runko
– Käyttäjän max paino 227kg
– Runkoputken pituus 150cm
Näyttö ja ohjelmat
– Jatkuva seuranta: soutu aika, metrit, vetoa/minuutti, kalorit, watit, 500m tahti, vetojen kokonaismäärä, syke (kun syke vyö/mittari on kytketty)
– 9 näyttöä isossa keski ikkunassa: Kokonaisaika, 500m keskivauhti, keskimääräinen matka/ veto, maksimi syke, kaloria tunnissa, voima käyrä,
max watit, teho taulukko/ veto , keskimääräiset watit
– Valmiit ohjelmat: nopea aloitus, kilpailu, Intervalli/Tabata, tavoite aika, tavoite matka, Tavoite kalorit, Tavoite vedot, Tavoite syke, yms!
– Yhteensopiva 5khz sykevöiden kanssa.
Smart Connect Ecosystem
Konsolissa on on smart connect , joka mahdollistaa näytön yhdistämisen kolmansien osapuolien sovelluksiin.
Mukavuus ja säädöt
– 1 kosketuksen säätö jaloile
– Kokoontaittuva runko helppoa kuljetusta/varastointia varten
– Penkki on 50cm korkeudella lattiasta.
– Extra pehmustus penkissä
– Extra pehmustus kahvassa
– Netto paino: 42.1kg
– Rahti paino: 50.8kg

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The Console, ready to use!
The Xebex rower comes with an easy-to-use console that can be used immediately. By starting the rowing movement, the console activates, which keeps track of the time, distance, calories and number of strokes during the rowing training. During the training there are 8 display options: average speed per 500 meters, average number of meters per stroke, maximum heart rate, calories per hour, power curve, maximum wattage, wattage diagram and average wattage. It is also possible to follow predefined programs from the main menu: quick start, competitions, interval / tab data, target time, target distance, target calories, heart rate target frequency and target values. Select the correct program and parameters, press start and start rowing. For more information about the Xebex AR-2 Console, click on the manual.

The Xebex Air Rower AR-2 is easy to store and takes up very little space, this is a big advantage compared to other known rowing machines. When folded, the rower can be moved with one hand because it can be moved on four wheels. Making it ready for use takes less than 5 seconds and requires no tools.The Xebex rowing machine has been tested with 1,000,000 pull movements of robotic arms and no defects came to light. The seat height of the rower is over 53 centimeters above the floor making it easier to get on and off. This is a big advantage for people who are less mobile. The Xebex Air Rower weighs almost twice as much as comparable rowers. Beyond that this says something about the build quality of the AR-2, the vast majority is that the rower stays in place even at High Performance Training. The seat and handles of the rower are filled with firm foam for better comfort during long rowing training sessions.Frame:

  • Heavy and durable frame
  • Maximum user weight of 227kg
  • Long monorail of 139.7cm with extra smooth stainless steel surface Console / programs:
  • Programmable Interval functions (work / rest programs)
  • Distance set time registration
  • LCD display shows time, distance, speed, calorie consumption, power, heart rate


  • Solid and easy to install foot pedals in length and width
  • Foldable design for easy storage and moving
  • Easy to get on and off due to high seat height of over 53cm
  • ​Extra padding for the seat and handles for more comfort

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