MTIdea Ring Hanger single


MTIdea Ring Hanger single, unnoticeable and sturdy hanger for your gymnastic rings and climbing ropes.

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MTIdea Ring Hanger single, have you been dreaming of your own climbing for a long time? You have been looking at your living rooms Ikea interior, and thought that something is missing? Then you checked your biceps and thought that it would not hurt for them to be bigger and just last week you wanted to make a real sandwich, but couldn´t open the pickle jar?

Here we have half of the solution. MTIdea Ring Hanger single allows you to hang one climbing rope on to your roof. If you get yourself a pair of these you can hang a pair of gymnastic rings to the roof.

Installation with two bolts/screws.

Color: powder coated white

Unlimited warranty

Very unnoticeable and space saving solution. Enables to hang many different training equipment from the roof.

Made in Europe


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