GHD-bench VBC


GHD-bench VBC, super quality, 10 year warranty. Sturdy enough for functional training. Made in Europe. Get yourself strong butt cheeks and hamstrings.

GHD-bench VBC, one of the best GHDs on the market today, especially considering the quality. With this bench you can train your butt, hamstrings and back muscles super strong and of course good looking.

GHD-bench VBC is originally made to train your posterior chain. GHD is is means glute ham developer. Too many athletes have weak hamstrings compared to quads. Strong hamstrings affect your movement speed and your ability to jump. Strong posterior chain is a key in performing almost all athletic movements that you do standing up, for example, running jumping, flips Olympic lifts, it even affects you ability to bench. It also prevents injuries, especially in heavy strength movements.

In functional fitness, GHD-bench is used to train your mid line muscles. You can do 270 degree “sit ups” on the bench, which is almost impossible to do with any other piece of equipment. This is especially good for throwing, also on the plus side it can make your abs really strong. In conclusion GHD-bench is one of the best and most versatile piece of equipment to train your posterior chain and mid line muscles. For beginners you can use it to make simple and easy exercises, such as hip extensions and for the more advanced athlete you can do a lot of challenging and hard exercises.

In many cheaper versions that even us have sold, has had many irritating features. Like too short frame or too light weight, that makes the bench unstable in number of exercises. Too small adjustment range, which makes it impossible to do some exercises for short athletes. Parts that are bad quality, they seem to fall apart in few months of use.This new version has none of those issues.

Measurements :

Length 2118 mm

Height 1256 mm

Width of the back foot 860 mm

User height range 163 cm – 193 cm, no weight limit

Weight 80 kg

Made in Europe

Additional information

Weight90 kg


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