Lifting straps Harbinger Real leather


Lifting straps for you who want to lift heavier and better. Real leather or was it genuine leather? Good for every lift.

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Lifting straps Harbinger Real leather, solution for you who want to lift really big weights or really long sets and don´t want to worry if your grip is going to hold. Have you ever done 6 reps of hang power cleans with heavy weight and every time you drop the weight from your shoulders, you need to re grip, or in worst case drop the weight all the way to ground and start over? Well worry no more, with Lifting straps Harbinger Real leather you can do all the reps with no problem. With lifting straps you can maximize your training results and your grip strength is not a limiting factor. You get the best results with pulling barbell movements, like dead lifts cleans and snatches. Lifting straps might even make your lifting technique better, because you can keep your hands relaxed in heavier lifts. Relaxed hands means faster bar movement and easier receiving positions under the bar. In addition heavy pulling exercises, like heavy snatch pulls, lifting straps are invaluable.
Straps are made of specially treated leather to prevent the straps from ripping. Many people like the feel of leather between the hand and the barbell.
Specially treated leather lifting straps are good for tough, heavy lifts,
Leather straps are comfortable and easy to to set around the barbell.
Length 53 cm
Width 3,8 cm


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