PICSIL Raven grips 3 fingers


PICSIL Raven grips 3 fingers, protect your hands and get a better grip on the bar. Only 1 mm thick.

PICSIL Raven grips 3 fingers, the thinnest model in PICSIL catalog, only 1 mm thick. This is a perfect choice for your first Grips. PICSIL Raven grips 3 fingers are made of synthetic leather. Raven grips are for you who does´t necessarily need or want maximal protection, but is looking for best grip with “naked” feel.

All the PICSIL grips are best after you have used them a bit, (when the grips surface has seen some action) and raven grips does´t  make any exception to this. All the grips work best on powder coated bars with a lot of magnesium .

A good trick to ” drive in” the grips is to do 100 kettle bell swings wearing the grips. Even as the grips are so thin we haven´t been able to break them or make any rips even under heavy abuse. Raven grips is one of the first and most used models of PICSIL grips, so it has been refined to last long and work perfectly even after long time.

If you want to get yourself a pair of one of the best grips in the world, that will glue you to the bar, now you have found them.

It is important to choose the right size. You can use the grips in many different ways. On the tip of your fingers,  at the bottom of your fingers or you don´t have to put your fingers in the holes at all. You can find the size chart in the pictures. If you are unsure about the size you need, always choose the bigger size. Loose grips work better than tight ones.

If you have never used Gymnastic grips, it requires a bit of training to get accustomed to them. Raven grips are easiest to get accustomed, because they are so thin, only 1 mm. They don´t feel so thick between the palm of your hand an the bar. When doing reps the grips should kind of fold between the bar and your hand.


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