Power rack extended


Power rack extended, The congregation of the church of holy squat invites you to squat!. Doing squats inside this rack will make you see the light.

Power rack extended.this is a full squat rack for all the true athletes and stay home moms/ dads who want to feel better and healthier in their bodies. Have you been thinking that you need to get a really good power rack for your home / gym/ box, that you can use for full body strength workouts? Well, here you have the perfect solution. Every possible squat variation, you can do it, bench presses, you can do it, pull ups or weighted pull ups, you can do it. You get everything you can hope for at this basic model. It´s built with hardcore 80 mm x 80 mm steel tube and you can find a ton of extras equipment here.
Power rack extended, as the name says it is made for squatting, safety pins go through the whole rack. It means it´s safe to squat inside the rack without the fear of crushing yourself under the bar if you fail the lift.
The basic setup consist of half rack that is bolted on squat rack and it includes, safety pins for squatting and pressing, 6 pcs of storage pegs for weights, j-cups and three pull up bars. This model needs to be bolted on the floor/ ground. If you need one with foot plates, check this model. If this was not enough, you can find four band pegs for rubber bands, if you like to do west side barbell dynamic effort training.
You can choose the color of the uprights to please your eyes. Standard color is black. You can choose the pull up bar from few different models, to suit your needs.
This is almost a perfect piece of equipment as a heart of your gym, you can get all your weights in a nice order and this doesn´t take too much space, even if you put it in to your living room. Of course you get all the same benefits in commercial gym use. Especially if you have a need for many versatile training spots, but only a limited amount of space.
Height 2048 mm
Width 1316 mm
Total width 1856 mm
Depth 2052 mm

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Weight450 kg


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