Power rack extended with foot plates


Power rack extended with foot plates, this is the best solution for places where you can´t bolt the rack on to floor/ground, like sun deck or outside.

Power rack extended with foot plates, you can find almost everything that one can wish from a power rack with this model. Every gym and every church of holy squat should have one of these. This power rack literally includes almost everything that any self respecting weight lifter could want. Attachment option list is huge, if you want to make your power rack even more versatile training station.
If you have always dreamt of doing squats on your own sun deck, where your neighbors can jealously awe your muscular butt, quads and massive weights that you can move. Now you can end your search. This product is the prefect answer.This product basically is a combination of squat rack and half rack.If you add few attachments, like dip bars, adjustable bench, bar and battle rope, you can do a lot of different functional and strength training exercises in a very small area.
Power rack extended with foot plates is built with 80 mm x 80 mm steel tube and your can customize the color scheme of the rack. You can even add your own name/logo/text sign. The standard color is black. The advantage of the foot plates is that you can place the power rack pretty much on any even surface, with out the need to bolt it on the ground.
Standard equipment includes: 3 pull up bars, safety bars inside the rack, pins for rubber bands, 1 pair of j-cups, 3 pegs on both sides of rack for weight plates.

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Weight250 kg


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