VBC-sled HD


VBC-Sled, train your legs and upper body to be more powerful! Made in Europe, weight 30 kg

VBC-sled HD, heavy duty. This is a bit heavier and sturdier version of our basic sled. It weighs 31,37kg.

VBC-Sled, this is our new model. Yo can pull it or push it. If your goal is to be faster, stronger and more durable, sled is a perfect piece of equipment for you. Best surface for your sled i artificial turf. It works also on asphalt, concrete and sand surfaces, as long as the sand is not too soft. On asphalt and concrete the friction is lot smaller than on sand and turf. If you plan to use the sled on rubber mat, don´t do it. It will only ruin your mats.

The new sleds feet are wider, which makes it more stable on softer surfaces. There is two tubes for weights to make sure you can load enough weight, even if you are as strong as a horse.

To push the sled is like running uphill. The sled is a perfect tool to train your leg speed, power and endurance. You can use a rope to pull the sled, either with your legs or with your hands. So it also works to make your upper body stronger.

You can find anchoring points for rope at both ends of the sled.

If you plan to pull the sled, you should get yourself a rope.

If you plan to use the sled inside, you should get yourself a turf.

VBC-sled HD measurements

Height 806 mm

Length 962 mm

width 689 mm

clearance 126 mm

weight empty 31,37 kg

Sled i made in Europe and delivery time is 5 to 7 days.

Additional information

Weight31 kg


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