Adjustable bench Super Pro


Adjustable bench Super Pro, for you who knows what you want and what you need. Adjustments between 0-85 degrees. Made in Europe, because best! For all the people that are their own lives bench pressers.

Adjustable bench Super Pro, high quality bench made in Europe for you who appreciate Quality.

Adjustable bench Super Pro, let´s you as an athlete to adjust the back rest between 0 and 85 degrees. There is seven preset adjustments on the back rest and 3 settings on the seat. Bench is 32 cm wide so if your back is at least bit narrower than the barn door, you are going to have very stable and comfortable support for your back while benching. This is going to make you feel yourself comfortable, allow higher range of motion and give you the possibility to Crush your records.

Because we make our equipment paying close eye to detail and functionality we will always listen to our customers for ideas.

As a marvel of engineering we have installed two adjustment pegs on the bench. So you don´t need to walk (aerobic training will eat all your gains) to change the adjustment on the back rest. Instead you can just move it with the touch of your foot.

The wide metal feet on the bench have rounded corners (this is also important feature) to keep the bench in position and stop any damage happening to your precious floor. You can also set the bench to negative corner by lowering the seat. This will allow you to train your whole peck and get better looking Pecks than Arnold.

Bench measurements

Length 1144 mm

Height at 0 degrees 426 mm

height at top position 1197 mm

width of the bench 320 mm

Width of the feet 407 mm

Back rest preset degrees are 0, 20, 30, 45, 60, 72 and 85 degrees.

Additional information

Weight50 kg


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