Flat bench VBC


Flat bench VBC, for you who is looking for good and high quality flat bench. This one is completely made in Europe

Flat Bench VBC is made for real bench pressers. Very stable construction, but still light to move around.

Flat bench VBC is a perfect solution for home and commercial gyms where there is little room and you need to have a lot of benches for group classes. These benches are made in Europe like almost every other product we sell.

Tasapenkki mahdollistaa valtavan määrän loistavia harjoituksia tangolla ja käsipainoilla, varsinkin yläkropalle ja se toimii myös hyvänä alustana esim. bulgarialaisia kyykkyjä tehdessä.

The upholstery is made of sweat repellent medical grade polyurethane. So no cows are killed or scalped, so that you can do bench presses.


Length1200 mm

Width of feet 372 mm

width of the bench 320 mm

Height 430 mm

Additional information

Weight40 kg


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