Half rack


Half rack, less than a power rack, more than squat stand. Versatile strength training solution

Half rack, almost a squat rack, but not only squat stand, instead something beautiful in between. Have you been looking for top quality squat rack, but you don´t have the room for it. Squat stands are too small for you, because you still want the versatility of squat rack in a smaller more compact design. This is the right solution for you. You can do all the squat pull up and press variations. You can store all your plates and keep your training space clean. As long as someone has the strength to put all the weights where they belong after training.You get everything you can hope for at this Half rack model. It´s built with hardcore 80 mm x 80 mm steel tube and you can find a ton of extras equipment here.
Half rack setup includes, safety spotter arms for squatting and pressing, pair of j-cups and specialty pull up bar. If this was not enough, you can find six band pegs for rubber bands, if you like to do west side barbell dynamic effort training.
You can choose the color of the uprights to please your eyes. Standard color is black. You can choose the pull up bar from few different models, to suit your needs.
This is almost a perfect piece of equipment as a heart of your gym, you can get all your weights in a nice order and this doesn´t take too much space, even if you put it in to your living room. Of course you get all the same benefits in commercial gym use. Especially if you have a need for many versatile training spots, but only a limited amount of space.
Height: 2486 mm
Width: 1089 mm, without spotter arms 1052 mm
Length: 1806 mm

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Weight150 kg


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