Squat posts


Squat posts for heavy squats and small spaces. You can use them for lighter squats too. Made in Eu

Squat posts are made of 80 mm x 80 mm steel tube, so it means they will stand firmly on the ground even under the big weights, of lifter who has massive quads. These Squat posts have been really wanted in weightlifting circles. When doing Olympic lifts like snatch and clean and jerk, you can easily move the posts out of the way. And when you need to start squatting you can just lift them back to your platform. Another advantage is that these squat posts are a real space saver and really handy because of the lightness and ease of movement.
The standard color is black, but you can have them in pretty much any color. Everything is possible, just ask.
Weight 45 kg / pcs
Height 1807 mm
depth 780 mm
width 585 mm
This set includes pair of squat posts and j-cups.
All the nuts and bolts for assembly.

If you are looking for squat stand with pull up bar, you can find it here and one with spotter arms is here.

Additional information

Weight90 kg


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