Weight vest PICSIL


Weight vest PICSIL, budget weight vest without any nonessential parts. Made for working out.

Weight vest PICSIL, budget vest that is made to stand the toughest workouts. Compared to 5.11 vest, this model has no nonessential military gadgets that you don´t need when working out. It has one nonessential part, the molle web, because it just looks cool. The vest weighs 0,9 kg (2 lb) empty.

Weight vest PICSIL is made of high quality, durable nylon, with military specs. So all standard ballistic plates fits in the vest. We tried to load it with 30 kg of metal plates and there was still room for more. So we are pretty certain that you can put there as much weight as you need.

The shoulder and side straps are fully adjustable, so one size fits almost everybody. You can find quick locks on the side straps for easy and fast dressing and undressing.

It is common to see weight vests used in functional fitness competitions and it is an easy way to make any movement challenging. Good weight vest holds still and fits tightly when you are running or jumping. The benefit of plate carrier styled weight vests is the model of the weight, which is, well two plates placed on the front and back side of your body. It makes carrying the weight lot more comfortable than the usual vest wight ton of small sized weights around the chest and back.


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