Foldable squat rack


Foldable squat rack, gym, home, bedroom. Every place is a good place to squat.

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Foldable squat rack, for tight spaces. Splendid option for garage and living room.
This Foldable squat rack is made in EU and it is high quality. The delivery includes all the parts , bolts and nuts, wall anchors for concrete and j-cups.
You can open / close the rack in seconds without any tools. Same thing with the pull up bar, pin off, change the height, pin on and you are ready to go. This works just like normal squat rack, you can do all squat variations and pretty much all press variations For even more training options you can get flat bench or adjustable bench
Measurements are important.
Height 230 cm ( you should leave small room between the bottom of the upright and floor though).
Width 122 cm
depth open 60 cm / depth closed 10 cm
You can adjust the height of the pull up bar between 215 cm and 230 cm.
Anchoring plates length 140 cm ( the part that is anchored to wall)

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