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The Xebex Runner is a motorless, curved treadmill. Using no electricity, and instead running on the energy produced by the runner’s own movement. Beginners and competitors can run at desired speed and change output at will with no maximum or minimum speed setting.

Built with HIIT (high intensity interval training) in mind, The Xebex Runner console keeps you informed on your time, calories burned, distance, speed, watts, and pace, with a number of heart-rate and interval programs available. Compatible with a mobile fitness app for your smartphone.

The Xebex Runner is made in Taiwan which produces much higher quality components, parts, and standards than other Asian countries.

We’ve designed the Xebex Runner to be easier to maintain than comparable competitor models. With the Xebex Runner, you can change the pillow-block bearing on the front and rear rollers in under 5 minutes without removing any parts from the internal frame. Compared to competitor designs, the internal frame will need disassembly in order to access the interior bearings which equates to over 4 hours of labor.


  • Phone holder on frame and console tray
  • Water bottle holder on frame
  • Built-in transport wheels for transport


Display Windows:

  • Time
  • Heart rate
  • Speed (KM or Mi)
  • Distance (M or Mi)
  • Watts, Calories
  • Pace (Minutes per KM/MI)
  • RPM
  • The console is equipped with Smart Connect (Bluetooth and ANT +).
  • and more


  • Interval
  • Pace
  • Target Finish Time
  • Target Distance
  • Target Calories
  • Split Time
  • and more

Console will also record history such as Total Run Time, Distance, Summary at end of workouts, Total Calories, Max Speed, and more

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