Dumbbell rack lean and low


Dumbbell rack lean and low, cost effective way to keep your dumbbells in order.

Dumbbell rack lean and low, made in Europe. These are also made in Europe, because quality is perfect. The rack is completely made out of steel and the length of the dumbbell does n´t have any restrictions. The rack consist of two 2400 mm shelves, that are on top of each other and assembled in a small tilt. This way taking the dumbbells from the rack is made as easy as possible Also re-racking the weights is made so easy that you don´t need your mother help to do it , unless of course your mother is working at the gym. Classic rack construction, makes this very cost effective, you can fit about 32 pcs of dumbbells on the shelves, It is however totally dependent on how big weights you are going to store . Dumbbell rack lean and low has a very sturdy construction. The engineers that designed this rack very really good at making this really cost effective for storing a massive set of weights. This rack can take over 600 kg of weight and still stay stable.

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Dumbbell rack lean and low is delivered non assembled to save the freight cost. The delivery includes all the parts and all the needed nuts and bolts. Assembling is a lot easier than assembling IKEA furniture . True man doesn´t need blueprints, everybody knows that. Luckily this rack is so simple that there isn´t any blue prints included.

The rack is powder coated black, because it looks fantastic


Whole length of the shelf is 2400 mm

Length of one shelves is surprisingly 1200 mm

The height of the shelf is 504 mm

The width of the shelf is 583 mm

Weight is about 92 kg

Additional information

Weight95 kg
Dimensions2400 cm


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